Membership is voluntary and individual.

Members of the Association may be individuals who have a law degree, is a specialist in the field of international commercial arbitration or have a professional interest in the practice of international commercial arbitration and share the goals and objectives of the Association.

Rights and responsibilities

Members of the Association have the following rights, among other things:

  • participate in the governing bodies of the Association;
  • elect and be elected to the governing bodies of the Association;
  • make proposals for improvement of the Association and its bodies and structural subdivisions;
  • participate in events held by the Association;
  • initiate the organization of seminars and other events within the budget of the Association;
  • have access to the databases on various aspects of arbitration established by the Association;
  • use symbols of Association as proof of their belonging to it.

Members of the Association are among others the following duties:

  • implement the decisions of the governing bodies of the Association;
  • participate actively in the activities of the Association and promote its purpose;
  • cooperate with the Association in all matters relating to the tasks of the Association;
  • promote their activities to achieve the main goals and objectives of the Association;
  • adhere to the principles of professional ethics.

Join the Ukrainian Arbitration Association

Acceptance and disposal of the Association by decision of the President on the basis of a written application. Member of the Association is taken from the decision on the matter by the President and the payment by the applicant enrollment and membership fees.